The dramatic increase in electronics content fueled by future products such as e-cars, Internet of Things, LEDs everywhere, medical implants, data centres, combined with a decreasing acceptance of failures, will have a serious impact on current reliability approaches.

It is clear by the number of component and system recalls, by many of the best companies in the world, that product reliability is not improving. To address this issue, Willem van Driel (Signify), Clemens Lasance (emeritus Philips Research), René Raaijmakers (High Tech Institute) and Ronald Schop (Holland Innovative) decided to organize this seminar in collaboration with prominent experts from industry and academia.

In two days, presentations about various aspects of reliability in system and product development were presented and discussed. Due to its impact and scale, the subject is particularly suited for a multidisciplinary and inter-company approach. The goal was to stimulate open discussions that might culminate in partnerships, whether or not in a European context.


The purpose of the seminar was to provide a forum for recognized experts from a wide variety of academia and industry, from component to data centre, from hardware to software, from experimental to numerical analysis, to express their opinions and share their thoughts on various trends and on how to cope with the significant challenges imposed by future requirements. 

The seminar provided unique educational and networking opportunities and perfectly suited managers and technologists responsible for reliability and/or safety of components and systems. Additionally, thermal and mechanical designers and architects benefited from the insights gained with respect to the accuracy that will be required for their experimental and numerical analyses.


9 & 10 May 2019


Torenallee 24
5617 BD Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Original idea and initiation

Willem van Driel, Signify
Clemens Lasance, emeritus Philips Research
René Raaijmakers, High Tech Institute
Ronald Schop, Holland Innovative



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