Andrew Brown

The challenges of inspiring an organization to adopt reliability validation methods

10 May 2019, 15:20-16:00

Introducing reliability engineering methods into a large organization can prove to be difficult. This talk covers the practical experiences encountered with a bottom-up approach, the methods used to inspire senior management and the resource constraints imposed by changes in the market. Choosing the right methods to pilot the project is extremely important as fast yielding results are likely to drive an increase in support. Availability of robust data is key to generating accurate damage models, but at what cost can we sacrifice accuracy for results and postpone perfection? The talk also focuses on the personal attributes required to create a vision and maintain a drive to succeed.

Andrew Brown graduated from Sheffield University in 2006 with a degree in aerospace engineering. Since then, he has worked on internal combustion engines, starting his career with larger diesel products such as the 61-liter generator sets at Perkins Engines in Stafford and more recently working on the new Ingenium product range at Jaguar Land Rover. He has worked in validation and verification roles for most of his career including three years as a subject matter expert in reliability validation planning and test methodology. He has recently moved into electrification leading the validation activity on energy storage devices for JLR’s next generation of EVs.

Andrew Brown

Jaguar Land Rover