Dorien Lutgendorf

When and how to embrace reliability

10 May 2019, 13:40-14:20

There are various reasons why a company wants to invest in reliability capability: high warranty costs, tighter requirements from customers or improving image might be the trigger. The inevitable next question is when, where and how to start and get the right people triggered, involved and motivated about reliability. Several practical cases are discussed where reliability was first introduced in a company.

Dorien Lutgendorf is an energetic and broad-oriented professional with a strong human viewpoint. She has a natural drive to bring structure and organize. Her approach is analytical, proactive and she is always looking for creative and pragmatic solutions to move the project and team forward. In the process she has a strong organizational awareness. She feels most challenged by facing and giving insight in multidisciplinary problems and is eager to achieve with the team a result that is sustainable for the customer.

Dorien Lutgendorf

Holland Innovative