Ton Ketting Olivier

Sharing experiences when deploying design for reliability with IEEE 1624 as guidance

9 May 2019, 13:40 – 14:20

Every company that really improves the new product development process goes through evolutionary stages. Some do it faster than others and with fewer detours, but fast or slow, to get to world class every company must go through these stages. There are no shortcuts.

This evolutionary nature of improvement, emphasized by Shapiro, is so true when looking back to my journey on deploying reliability. Bringing design for reliability into practice requires a well-thought-out strategy. Not being aware that reliability needs to evolve through phases to gain excellence, without strategy, will lead to frustration, disappointment and waste of money. DfR deployment requires step by step growing in maturity. Digest the elephant piece by piece.

But where and how to start? The IEEE 1624 reliability maturity capability standard can inspire to set up a roadmap for deploying DfR. When using the standard as a guide we were faced with interpretations, things that work, things that do not work and shortcomings.

In this talk we will share our interpretation of IEEE 1624 and experiences encountered: setting up gap assessments, strengths, weaknesses and shortcomings, IEEE 1624 used as risk level for product release, supplier assessments.

Ton Ketting Olivier has always worked in a Research and Development environment.

  • Graduated Bachelor at the Automotive School in Apeldoorn
  • Worked as mechanical engineer for DAF on Personnel and Tow Trucks for the Dutch Army
  • Joined the Mechanical Vehicle Engineer team at Leyland trucks United Kingdom
  • Back in the Netherlands worked for Special Vehicle Engineering department
  • Moved to Philips HealthCare Development in 1994
  • Worked as mechanical engineer for Image guided Surgery systems and mobile  X-Ray systems.
  • After X-Ray Ton moved to Development MRi scanners, responsible for Covers, Cooling and Patient Ventilation
  • Since 2008 moved to into the Reliability Engineering Discipline. After completing the 6sigma Back Belt  at the UV of Amsterdam, Ton completed the several Reliability Training Modules from HI. 
  • Now Ton owns a key role as reliability engineer within the MRi development. In his role, Ton developed and deployed a practical Reliability Framework which is now daily engineering practice. To mature the organizational reliability capabilities Ton provides  Training and Coaching of engineers
  • Next to DfR deployment Ton does Field performance analysis and reporting and is content reviewer in projects.

Ton Ketting Olivier

Philips Healthcare