Martien Arts

Reliability challenges in data centers

9 May 2019, 13:40-14:20

The global digital revolution is bringing prosperity to more and more countries and regions. Where digital infrastructures are created, new economic opportunities arise. Data centres facilitate this 21st-century transformation benefiting millions of people in their daily lives. Society increasingly demands reliable systems. Continuity is crucial for the functioning of our society. Therefore, data centres are seen as Mission critical Facilities, which require highly resilient infrastructure to ensure service. Currently, the design and operations of data centres and the hosted IT equipment are two 100% separate worlds, keeping each other in a stranglehold to prevent downtime.  This leads to over-engineering on the side of the data centres with related high investment- and operational costs. More communication and integration of both worlds would lead to significant improvements;  Let’s open the windows and talk about the critical interface points!

Martien Arts is working at Royal HaskoningDHV, a worldwide active engineering and consultancy firm, and has an electrical- and mechanical engineering background. Within RHDHV he is leading the Mission Critical Facilities team for more than a decade. His team grew over that period to one of the world leading data center engineering companies and is known for their innovative and ground-breaking designs. He has been involved in the emergence and development of data centers from the pioneer phase. Throughout the years he has received growing recognition as an expert in the data center industry with a strong focus on clients’ business case and technical innovation. He became, therefore, the most appropriate point of contact for (inter)national companies, branch organizations, specialists and engineers in the industry. He is involved in multiple (inter)national data center projects for Tier1 clients, for initiating and implementing technical innovations and new ways of thinking.  

Martien Arts

Royal Haskoning DHV